Edition Lignatur Bathrooms

An exclusive collaboration between Keuco and Team 7

Edition Lignatur is an extraordinarily beautiful bathroom concept

The Edition Lignatur furniture collection is the result of a collaboration between Keuco, with its expertise in washbasins, light mirrors, accessories and fittings and Team 7 – a company that has been producing solid furniture for every area of the home since 1959. The outcome of this partnership is an extraordinary bathroom finishing concept with furniture from solid wood; Walnut, Oak and Venetian Oak reclaimed from the sea.

The Venetian Oak Furniture gets its unique appearance from natural embellishments produced by a shellfish (known as shipworm) that has drilled shelter holes in ship planks and other water-borne wood structures. Venice is the perfect home for shipworm. With its innumerable oak poles bored into the sandy ground, the city is a true shipworm paradise. The resulting beams, when thoroughly dried, become a most coveted wood for furniture: Venetian Oak. 

Edition Lignatur is made with perfectionism. Before any furniture production begins, a special work step called ‘painting with wood’ is first carried out. Whereby the individual slats that make up the natural wood panels are arranged to make sure they look good together. It’s not just the colours but also the patterns of the woods that should harmonise. As a result each panel is unique, custom-made for each individual order. The surfaces of the wood are not sealed but treated with organically pure protective oil. It mainly consists of linseed oil, sunflower oil, soy oil, carnauba wax and beeswax.

Within the solid wood base units, it is possible to combine washbasins made of Varicor or ceramic. The washbasins can also be combined with Keuco wall-mounted fittings and accessories for the perfect finishing touch.

The exclusiveness of this brand means that there are only a handful of Edition Lignatur stockists in the UK.

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