Bespoke Kitchens

Designing exclusively to meet your individual needs

Creating the perfect kitchen for you

KSL kitchens are all made to order with customisation available. We combine expert design and work with our kitchen furniture makers to create individual kitchens, designed for each of our individual customer’s needs.

  • Bespoke means different things to different people. It can mean a one-off piece of furniture but it can also mean choosing a specific colour or creating units with bespoke measurements, with different handles, with different finishes (grain, smooth painted etc) to meet requirements. 
  • If you want to preserve or enhance unusual architectural features, or even create a few new ones yourself, specially commissioned bespoke designs can be undertaken
  • KSL can supply bespoke accessories and kitchen features, whatever you’d like. We can create something completely unique for our customers or customise or alter off the shelf furniture to suit customer’s requirements
  • There is nothing we can’t provide to meet a customer’s requirements
  • KSL can also do what a local kitchen joiner can do – produce a special one-off kitchen from a drawing

We have an example of a bespoke kitchen in our showroom at the moment. A beautifully designed and customised Stonehams kitchen has been built to fit our space and showcase our bespoke kitchen offering. Why don’t you come along and see how  we can create a customised kitchen for you.

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