Bespoke Bathrooms

KSL bathrooms are all made to order with customisation available

Designed for our individual customer’s needs

We combine expert design and work with our bathroom suppliers to create individual bathrooms, designed for each of our individual customer’s needs. 

KSL has been producing bespoke bathrooms for its customers across Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire for 30 years. All of KSL’s bathrooms are made to order, with opportunities to customise various elements.

KSL has a growing reputation for offering flexibility when working on bathroom projects. We have years of experience working with period buildings and on unusual projects and can accommodate specific requirements and needs to make your bathroom a success.

We combine expert design with our furniture makers to create individual schemes, that work for your bathroom and reflect your taste and style. We also use materials that are usually found in kitchens that translate well in the bathroom environment, including wall coverings, bath surrounds and
vanity unit tops.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary, classic or traditional design, we can offer a bespoke bathroom solution that will suit your taste and budget.

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