BORA update – The cooking revolution continues

BORA update – The cooking revolution continues
January 15, 2019 Richard Hibbert

Last year we introduced you to BORA – German manufacturer of revolutionary cooktop extraction technology. Since then we’ve enjoyed installing BORA systems in our own showroom and in the kitchens of our partner, ICE Cook School. BORA have just introduced some exciting updates to their products for 2019. Check it out!

If you need a quick reminder about what makes BORA cooktop extractors so cool, this is it. The BORA system offers a built in extractor on the hob plate, which means that cooking odours and vapours are drawn downwards exactly where they arise – right at the cooktop. Apart from its superb performance, it offers design benefits such as the clean lines that can be achieved by eliminating wall hung or ceiling extractors altogether. Plus it’s noiseless too, no louder than a steak sizzling. Quite amazing.

We are delighted to announce that since the beginning of this year there have been two new additions to the BORA product family:

BORA Pure – this new-generation device is characterised by a minimalist and flush design with the possibility of colour customisation. Other distinctive features of this device include the easy to use central control unit with a vertical slider and the easy replacement of the activated charcoal filter set from above through the inlet opening, without having to remove the drawers or plinth panels. Take a look.

BORA Classic 2.0 – is the first modular cooktop extractor system, where the extractor and the cooktops, which can be combined in any way, are controlled using the innovative, centrally positioned control unit. This prevents loss of space, since the controller is not positioned on the cooktop, thereby maximising the space available for cooking. Take a look.

There’ll also be the option of BORA Professional 2.0 in an All Black edition available this year.  

Why don’t you come and see BORA technology in action for yourself. We have a working display of the BORA Basic in our showroom. Later this year you’ll also be able to view the BORA Classic 2.0 which is going to be installed as part of our kitchen showroom revamp. Watch this space!

For more information  give us a call on 01787 339023.