KSL attends the launch of Miele Generation 7000

KSL attends the launch of Miele Generation 7000
May 14, 2019 Richard Hibbert

Last week, our team attended the launch of Miele’s Generation 7000 range – showcasing some of the 353 new products, services and technology that Miele are now offering. The launch promised to be the biggest and most groundbreaking in Miele’s 120 year history, and the KSL team were keen to see what all the fuss was about.

Miele’s product launches are renowned for being interactive, entertaining and energising and this launch was no exception. As well as getting to see, touch and use many of the appliances on show, we also got to cook on the appliances and eat the food that came out of the appliances. Attendants were split into groups and were shown different aspects of the new product ranges throughout the day. Here are just a handful of the highlights:

Pea Risotto cooked on the ‘Smart Select’ induction hob

The Smart Select induction hob recognises wherever a pot or pan is moved on the full-surface induction hob and its heat setting is retained. This makes cooking feel much easier when cooking a meal with multiple elements. We sampled a delicious pea and ham risotto cooked on the hob and with quail’s breast cooked to perfection in a vac pac in the sous vide function in Miele’s steam oven.

Sea Trout cooked in block of ice in the ‘Dialog’ oven

Miele’s Dialog Oven is the world’s first using new M Chef technology, which cooks food with electromagnetic waves. The sensors in the oven maintain a constant ‘dialogue’ with ingredients to cook the food in its entirety.  How does this work? Two antennas located in the top of the oven emit electromagnetic waves. The waves respond to the texture of the food and adjust accordingly. At the same time, the antennas measure how much energy the food has absorbed so they know when cooking is complete. So if you put meat, fish and vegetables in at the same time, each item will be cooked to perfection. At the launch they placed small pieces of sea trout inside blocks of ice and placed the whole thing in the oven to bake. The fish was cooked, and the ice stayed intact. This was seriously impressive!

Beautifully designed ovens with ‘Food View’

There are four new elegant oven designs – VitroLine, ArtLine, ContourLine and PureLine, you can choose from three colours. Our favourite was the minimalist, handleless design of the ArtLine range. Available in VitroLine, ArtLine and PureLine you can choose a ‘Food View’ addition which is essentially a camera inside the oven making it possible for you to check up on food anytime, anywhere on the Miele mobile app. Temperature and cooking time can even be adjusted from a smart phone via the app.

Self cleaning coffee machines

The Miele coffee machine has really undergone a transformation. Now you are able to select a different coffee bean for a different drink, so the bean selection can be different for an Expresso than for a Latte. And if you’re a tea drinker there are new functions for tea making too. For example 80 degree water for making Green tea, and a guide on standing times. But the biggest win is the self cleaning technology which is programmed to run overnight. The joy of owning a coffee machine has always been balanced by the hassle of cleaning it. Now Miele’s coffee machines clean themselves – so there’s nothing not to love.

Miele has stated that Generation 7000 has set another benchmark in in pioneering technology and design. After what we experienced at this impressive launch, we would have to agree.

We’ll soon be bringing some of the Miele Generation 7000 to the KSL Showroom so you can see the impressive products and technology for yourselves. We’ll be showcasing the following appliances later this year:

  • ArtLine oven in Graphite Grey
  • Coffee machine
  • Steam combi oven
  • Warming drawer
  • Vacuum packed drawer
  • Single oven with Food View

For more information about Miele’s Generation 700o product range, please get in touch.