KSL to Showcase the ‘Connected Home’

KSL to Showcase the ‘Connected Home’
June 26, 2018 Richard Hibbert
connected home

KSL will soon be able to showcase the very clever ‘Connected Home’ in association with Siemens. Concepts that might sound quite futuristic are now becoming the norm with many appliances already being Wi-Fi enabled and operable through Apps. We are partnering with Siemens to create a window into the future at our showroom, to demonstrate the new possibilities for an innovative, smarter lifestyle which will improve every aspect of daily life.

The Wi-Fi enabled Siemens appliances, operated through the Home Connect App already allow you to do things like switch your cooker or washing machine on when you are out of the house. But now this technology connects your appliances with different partners – turning your house into a connected home. Voice recognition devices, such as Alexa, allows consumers to control their appliances on command. So for example via Alexa, you can now control your coffee machine, oven and washing machine with your voice. With just one word, you can check the status of your laundry, preheat the oven, or get your favourite coffee. The list of options is endless.

At the KSL showroom we are installing an Alexa voice recognition system to control our Connected Home kit which includes the following Siemens StudioLine Wi-Fi enabled appliances:

  • Coffee Machine
  • Single Oven
  • Combination Steam Oven
  • Combination Microwave Oven

We’ll be able to demonstrate how you can operate these appliances by both voice recognition technology and via an App. We’ll also be able to show customers how other smart products can be integrated into a Connected Home system.

For example, Google’s Nest smart home products include the smart thermostat, a smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm and security camera. What’s more we have also recently become a ‘Nest Pro’ installer meaning that we can supply and install the full range of Nest products with any interiors projects.  

KSL also offers Philips Hue lighting systems which are Wi-Fi enabled letting you easily control your light and create the right ambience for every moment. Find out more about how you can bring your smart home to life with the most connected light in the world.

Even if all of this this sounds like something for people into gadgets, we strongly suggest you investigate these opportunities further. You will be able to view the Connected Home concept for yourself at the KSL showroom from mid July. Here’s where you can find us.