Let’s talk about price…

Let’s talk about price…
January 29, 2014 mg_ksl
  • Stoneham Ex Display

When you walk into our showroom we want your first impression to be a lasting one, we expect our staff to be friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.  We hope by the time you have seen what we have to offer and meet us you will not want to go anywhere else.  But a important question or thought will be about the price… so where do we sit…. well actually we believe our quality to cost ratio is unrivalled.  That is quite a big statement but we believe in our design, product, service and high end installations.  What I can tell you is in the last year we have designed, supplied and project managed kitchens from £12,000 up to £72,000 and bathrooms from £7000 up to £27,000.

What we can assure you is that we are affordable and whether you spend £5 or £80,000 you will receive the same service, the same installation quality, the same quality products.  We are 25 years old this year, offer full payment protection as full members of the KBSA and have direct accounts with all our manufacturers which mean we know what we are doing, our suppliers are partners and we will make sure your project, spare part or one off appliance is equally important to us.

Why not try our free planning and design service or pop in and meet us over coffee and you will quickly find we are true to our word.