The Best Oriental Cookery Kit Available – Ideal for Chinese NY

The Best Oriental Cookery Kit Available – Ideal for Chinese NY
February 7, 2017 mg_ksl

At KSL we’re big fans of oriental cuisine and like lots of people around the world we’ll be cooking up a feast this weekend in honor of Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays and this year, is the year of the Rooster.

Oriental cookery has grown in popularity in the last decade and as a result the leading kitchen appliance manufacturers offer a range of customisation options especially designed for Chinese and Japanese cooking. You may not know this, but you can now buy induction hobs designed for wok cookery. Known as induction woks, they are induction hobs that dip to accommodate the sides of a wok. Teppanyaki cooktops are becoming more commonplace in domestic kitchens for very fast flash-frying and enjoying authentic teppanyaki in your own home. Finally steam ovens have experienced a rapid growth in the last three years and are an ideal solution for steaming vegetables and rice as well as perfecting dim sum.

If you’re a regular Asian food home chef it might be worth considering investing in oriental cooking appliances. Here are what we think are some of the best options around:

  • Neff Teppan Yaki Grill Plate for Induction Hobs: Designed in high quality steel, the teppanyaki plate provides a large surface area for fast heating – ideal for Japanese cooking.
  • Miele Electric CombiSet with curved induction hob: A professional design with a special inset wok reset and includes a wok pan for perfect stir-fries.
  • Siemens Domino Teppan Yaki Cooktop: The 40cm wide teppanyaki creates a bespoke cooking area for great flash-frying at high temperatures.
  • Miele Steam Oven: Is an all round expert. Its 8 steam inlet ports enable fast generation of steam and steam distribution, short heat-up durations and uniform cooking results. Dim sum are steam-cooked to perfection in minutes.

If you’d like further ideas and inspiration for appliances to customise your kitchen for perfect oriental cooking, pop into our showroom where we have a Neff teppanyaki grill plate and Miele induction wok on display. Or give us a call on 01787 339023.