Shhhhhhh….. don’t tell the kids!

Shhhhhhh….. don’t tell the kids!
March 14, 2017 Richard Hibbert

Children’s bedrooms are special places, transforming from an area for sleep to a play zone where their imaginations can grow. A child’s room is one area of the home that you can let your creativity run wild. But with so much to choice, where do you start?

A child’s room should be flexible and functional so that it can be adapted as your child grows. When planning your room, here are the key things to consider:

  • It’s a good idea to draw out a floor plan so you can consider the space available and plan your furniture accordingly. Typically younger children need more room to play, while older children need more lounge and workspace.
  • There can never be too much storage in a child’s room. Consider how unused spaces, such as under a window, can be used to store your child’s stuff. Baskets can create decorative storage and shelving and and wall mounted cupboards keep things off the floor. Remember to position any storage at a height your children can reach!
  • When it comes to flooring choose a product that can handle wear and tear and is easy to clean. Stain resistant carpets, such as the range by Edel Telenzo, are a cosy but practical solution.
  • Lighting plays a key design element. Ceiling lighting is the safest and most practical, a dimmer switch is a good idea to be able to adjust lighting to your child’s activity. Adding a sensor ensures that the lights will never be forgotten to be turned off!
  • Add elements of fun, such as chalk and pin boards, that also encourage creativity.
  • Create a vibrant atmosphere by adding bunting, wall decorations (how about framing some of you child’s artwork?), colourful bedding and cushions.

At KSL we’ve got a variety of gorgeous children’s bedroom designs available for toddlers to teens. Volante, one of our favourite bedroom brands, offer a new and innovative range especially for children including wardrobes, storage and matching bedside furniture.

The Volante sliding door system is practical, stylish and great fun for children. Offering a wide range of both bright and pastel colours and different finishes including brilliant chalk and pinboard options for creating masterpieces over and over again. There are also multiple choices for internal storage configurations, so at the end of the day everything can be put away, until the fun starts again the next morning.

We also make bespoke pieces of furniture for children’s rooms to fit whatever space, in whatever colour scheme is required.

If you’d like further ideas and inspiration for your child’s bedroom, please get in touch with our design team who would be happy to help. Give us a call on 01787 339023.