A contemporary kitchen with a functional cooking and entertainment space

A contemporary kitchen with a functional cooking and entertainment space
August 17, 2023 RCKY

Our clients in Sudbury envisioned a modern kitchen that was both functional and inviting. The original layout featured separate kitchen, utility, and dining areas, presenting the challenge of cohesively integrating these spaces.

The Challenge

Our lovely clients at Sudbury wanted a contemporary kitchen that would give them a practical cooking space and an entertaining space for family and friends.

The Solution

To meet our clients’ desires, we embarked on a transformative journey. Two walls were removed, merging the kitchen, utility and dining areas into one harmonious space. This allowed for a more fluid design, catering to cooking and entertainment needs.

Central to the design is the Beckermann kitchen, characterised by its handleless design and a palette of refined navy blue and soft grey units. Silestone worktops provide an elegant touch while ensuring durability.
Strategically positioned beneath a garden-facing window, the Bora hob eliminates the need for a cumbersome overhead extractor, enhancing the open and well-lit ambience of the kitchen.
Beyond functionality, we curated a dedicated drinks area by the garden door. This charming space features an integrated wine conditioning unit and a glass roller shutter unit to accommodate glasses and bottles, enhancing the entertainment experience.

An under-counter sink with a Quooker tap and Cube system was installed, providing instant boiling, sparkling and filtered cold water.

Our commitment to practicality is evident in the tall run, which houses an array of integrated Siemens appliances, including a single oven, combination steam oven, large warming drawer and an integrated fridge freezer with an automatic ice maker. This streamlined arrangement ensures easy accessibility while ensuring cooking is a breeze.