An elegant pipe grey bedroom with cloudy oak and bespoke storage solutions

An elegant pipe grey bedroom with cloudy oak and bespoke storage solutions
September 1, 2023 RCKY

The Challenge

When our clients explored our showroom in late 2022, they had a clear vision for their bedroom furniture. They sought a bespoke solution that would be unique and functional, specifically focusing on a painted three-piece door in a mid to dark grey shade. They were keen to avoid foil-wrapped doors, and needed ample storage for their new home’s master bedroom, which featured various stud walls.

The Solution

In response to their needs, we started with a bedroom design that resulted in a truly exceptional transformation. The heart of this project was the creation of four tall double units, designed to incorporate an array of storage options, ranging from hanging space to internal drawers and shelves.

To fulfil the request for a dedicated dressing area, we crafted a central dressing table aligned with the window, allowing natural light to grace the space. A glass top was added to the fascia panel for durability and elegance. The cornerstone of the design was the choice of Stoneham’s Smooth painted, three-piece door units in pipe grey with cloudy oak carcasses and solid drawers. The milled solid satin brass handles served as the perfect complement, adding elegance to the space.

Beyond the furniture, we planned a comprehensive installation process, which involved the removal of multiple stud walls, ceiling replastering, electrical socket and switch adjustments, and coving replacements—the commitment to every detail extended to installing brass wall lights with ribbed glass shades.

The result is a truly luxurious interior. The room seamlessly balances functional storage solutions with a design that stands the test of time. The harmonious interplay of the painted units, cloudy oak accents, and brass embellishments ensures our clients’ bedroom is an oasis of comfort and style.