Designing your home from our home

Designing your home from our home
April 7, 2020 Richard Hibbert
Design appointments

Although the showroom is temporarily closed we can still work on your home from our home.

Virtual design appointments available Mon-Friday by email, phone or video. All we ask is if you can take the initial measurements please. We can talk you through this or send you a guide

All jobs will be fully checked prior to installation.

To start with all we ask is that you email or call 01787 378250

  • Draw the outline of the room including any windows, doors, openings, objects etc.
  • Measure each wall and distances between walls and windows
  • Measure the ceiling height
  • Measure the distance from floor to window Sill
  • Mark on position of water, wastes, boilers, radiators etc
  • Send a few pictures of the room
  • Don’t worry we will check all measurements before installation or supply
  • Just give us a call 01787 378250 and we can send you an example plan and can talk you through it
  • We can also have a video chat

We can’t wait to get to work for you