Fancy a bathroom that practically cleans itself?

Fancy a bathroom that practically cleans itself?
February 27, 2018 Richard Hibbert

Cleaning a bathroom, and particularly a shower enclosure, can feel like a real bind. If it’s not kept on top of, limescale build-up can occur which ultimately can damage the surfaces in your bathroom.

Did you know that it is possible now to buy shower enclosures, doors and screens that do literally keep themselves clean? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? But it’s not.

Why is it important to keep your shower enclosure clean?

Hard water creates unsightly and resistant water spots on unprotected glass. The limescale from the hard water etches the surface of the glass, and high levels of humidity accelerates the corrosion process. Cleaning becomes very difficult, requiring more time and effort for imperfect results. The appearance of the shower glass declines until there is a permanent cloudiness and the bathroom environment becomes unhygienic.

Fancy a cleaner and more hygienic shower with minimal effort?

Many enclosures, doors and screens now come with ClearShield® protection on the surface of shower glass. This unique product is applied to the inside of the glass and works just like ‘non-stick’ cookware, acting as a protective barrier on the surface of the glass. It is effective in shower and bathroom environments because it resists limescale and has hygienic properties. It ensures that shower or bath enclosure glass remains as clean and shiny as the day it was bought, with the least possible effort. It is proven to:

  • Keep glass looking like new
  • Reduce water spots (limescale and mineral deposits)
  • Be easier to clean
  • Stay cleaner for longer
  • Significantly reduce the growth of bacteria

ClearShield always comes on any shower screen or door you purchase from KSL. If the ClearShield isn’t already on the product as standard, we will make sure that is is included.

Maintaining your clean, sparkly bathroom glass

To keep your bathroom clean with minimal effort, surfaces just need be squeegeed down after every use. Squeegees are a super-handy accessory that will allow you to quickly remove any excess water from the screen after showering. They are effective, sanitary, and very easy to clean.

Keuco bring you a range of beautifully designed bathroom accessories including a number of shower baskets, with integrated, retractable shower squeegees. Made from superior grade materials which will not rust or spoil in the bathroom, there is also plenty of space inside the basket to keep all the toiletries you may need in one handy container.

For more information about how you can avoid cleaning your bathroom, contact us on 01787 339023.