How a FlexInduction Hob Could Change Your Life

How a FlexInduction Hob Could Change Your Life
February 20, 2018 Richard Hibbert
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Induction hobs have revolutionised home cooking in the last 10 years. Their popularity, resulting from the many benefits they have brought to home cooking, means that the electric ceramic hob is now pretty much redundant.

FlexInduction hobs are the next big thing in the induction hob world and are making cooking at home even better. So here is everything you need to know about them and why we think that they are a transformative piece of kit that you should seriously consider for your kitchen.

What are induction hobs?

Induction hobs, unlike ceramic or gas hobs that heat the entire plate, heat only the base of the pan and its contents. What’s more, they’re so efficient they can apparently boil water quicker than a kettle and are said to be 50% faster than gas.

How do induction hobs work?

Rather than using conduction (which transfers heat directly) like traditional gas or electric hobs, these hobs use induction (heating using magnetic waves) to heat pans and cook your food. The most noticeable benefit of this is that your hob doesn’t get hot (only warm) because it’s only your pan that is getting hot. Plus, there is no risk of leaking gas emissions, making induction hobs safer and more energy efficient.

What’s a flexInduction hob?

With new flexInduction technology, new induction hobs are coming onto the market with flexibility like you’ve never seen before. With traditional induction hobs (just like electric and gas) you’re limited to a designated cooking area which you must work within, which are the size of standard saucepans. However, a flexInduction hob has a large section which allows you to cook using any sized pan, even oven pans or steam pans. More impressively, the hob actually detects the size of the pan and adjusts the size of the cooking area to suit. You can separate your hobs into three different heating zones. From roasting at high temperatures at the front to keeping meals warm at the back. The individual zones are activated by simply placing the cookware on them.

How’s a flexInduction hob going to change my life?

  • Because you have total flexibility of your cooking area and you can be tailor it to your needs, enabling you to cook multiple dishes at once.
  • Many flexInduction hobs have power boost options which reduces heating up time by 50%.
  • You can set timers for different zones on your hob so you don’t lose track of what’s going to be ready when.
  • FlexInduction hob accessories such as teppanyaki plates, griddle plates and roaster pans can be used to make the hob extraordinarily multi-functional.
  • FlexInduction hobs are extremely energy efficient. They’re not only fast and responsive but the hob has the ability to accurately control the power making induction one of the most efficient methods of cooking.
  • Other pros include being super easy to clean, no nooks and crannies to worry about or waiting until your gas rings cool down, and they look pretty stylish as too.

To watch a video that shows flexInduction in action, click here.

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