KSL Comments on the out vote…

KSL Comments on the out vote…
June 25, 2016 mg_ksl

So the out vote won the day!  I can’t say I was happy when I woke up and heard the news as the stability we were enjoying was very welcome.  I purposely waited a few days before writing this as I wanted to take in what was coming next.  I now see things a little clearer and have realised that not much is really going to change, especially in the short term. Our life, happiness, emotions and success were 100% our responsibility, and they still are.

We at KSL will continue to provide high quality products, expertly designed and if required professionally installed.  We will continue to offer a showroom full of ideas, with highly trained staff that offer a lot more than you were possible expecting.  We will continue to be gather your dreams and make them a reality.

We would like to offer some security and calm at this juncture and so are holding prices until 2017 whatever happens with the Euro and supplier increases.

So why not call in today and find out why we are East Anglia’s elite interior specialists.