Maximise Your Space and Save 30% on Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Maximise Your Space and Save 30% on Sliding Wardrobe Doors
July 16, 2019 Richard Hibbert
Save 30% on sliding wardrobe doors

If you’re short on space, sliding wardrobe doors could be the solution you are looking for. You can create a sleek look, impressive storage and you will love how organised everything in your wardrobe becomes. What’s more until July 27th you can save 30% on sliding wardrobe doors from KSL. So don’t miss this opportunity to save!

Sliding wardrobes are the smart and stylish way to boost your bedroom storage space. Not only do they maximise your space, they are a sleek modern addition to any bedroom. Sliding wardrobe doors glide open across the wardrobe rather than opening outwards. Unlike traditional doors they don’t open out into the room, which means they take up less floor space.

Make the Most of Your Space

A sliding door wardrobe makes good use of any wall in the room. Built directly into the wall and hidden by large, sliding panels, these storage systems provide you with an incredible amount of storage in a very small space. Requiring only a small amount of floor space along one wall, you can easily store all of your clothing and accessories behind the sliding doors. Because all of the panels slide smoothly, you will be able to reach every nook and cranny of the wardrobe.

Create Your Own Stylish Look

Sliding wardrobe doors come in a wide selection of ranges and colours from traditional to modern. The wardrobe doors can be chosen to match your bedroom design scheme. You can choose between beautiful wood grains, painted wood, gloss or matte finishes, mirrors, lacquered glass or a combination. If you are keen to make the room seem large, consider fitting mirrored wardrobe sliding doors to give an airy feel. 

Get Everything Organised

An organised wardrobe requires more than a rail for hanging clothes and a few drawers. Shelves for accessories and a place for shoes are also essential. Because wardrobe sliding doors are fitted from floor to ceiling, you can choose a customised interior that will use all that extra space. With your clothes more organised, you may even eliminate the need for other bedroom furniture such as a chest of drawers.

Save 30% off Sliding Wardrobe Doors at KSL

This year we are celebrating 30 years of KSL. To recognise this milestone in the company’s history, we are offering some amazing one time only discounts including 30% off bedroom furniture. At KSL we offer a variety of different styles of bedroom furniture to suit all tastes and budgets – including Volante’s sliding wardrobe door systems and storage. Until July 27th you can enjoy 30% off any bedroom order, supply only or fully fitted. Just give us a call on 01787 339023 and quote the offer code: KSL30BED.