Six Reasons Why You Need A New Bathroom!

Six Reasons Why You Need A New Bathroom!
July 30, 2019 Richard Hibbert
Why You Need A New Bathroom

Think it might be time you gave your bathroom a redesign? If any of these sound familiar then your bathroom is definitely overdue an update…

There’s never a perfect time for renovating your bathroom. Years can go by with no changes needed whatsoever, but there are scenarios in your life which can trigger the need for a refresh. If you’re wondering whether or not now is the right time to renovate your bathroom, we’re here to help. Below are 6 reasons why it might be time for a change:

It’s getting harder to ignore those annoying small issues

Bathrooms are prone to daily wear and tear. But if you are finding that the ‘little’ issues in your bathroom, such as a cracked tile or a leaky tap are cropping up more and more, you might want to assess your options. While it’s normal to have one or two things you think could improve, if you’re making concessions for a range of maintenance tasks that are affecting the practicality of the bathroom and your personal enjoyment of it, this is a sure sign it’s time for a change.

Your circumstances are changing

If you’re expecting a new addition to the household, it might be time to think about modernising your space to suit your needs. An expanding family means more demand on the bathroom. Maybe you want to install a larger bath or an additional sink to make bedtime routines more manageable. Alternatively, if the kids are heading the opposite way and you’re facing the prospect of an empty nest, you might want to upgrade your bathroom to suit a quieter and more individualistic lifestyle.

Your needs may change too. Reduced mobility through older age may require modifications to create a more efficient layout to increase ease of use. If the time has come that you need to install some safety features for you or an elderly relative, it’s a good idea to renovate at the same time. Common renovations could include things like converting your bathtub into a shower and adding handrails to the walls.  

The utility or layout has never been ideal

Maybe you inherited your current bathroom when you moved into your house? Or maybe you’ve just never been satisfied by the layout or space. Is there a bidet that you’ve never used collecting dust? It isn’t uncommon for bathrooms to have a poor layout which doesn’t make optimal use of the space. Especially in older properties, bathroom configurations may have been fitted with ease of installation, rather than usage in mind. 

If your bathroom seems tight, you may need to open the area up or remodel it to fit your storage needs. Adding more cabinets or a shelving system can help give you more storage. If you have more space than you need, closing the bathroom off and creating a separate WC or shower room adjacent to the bathroom may help with utilisation of space if you have a number of family members.

You’re planning on moving

When you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, suddenly you can begin to see it as a potential buyer. An updated bathroom can make or break a home’s appeal and value. You’ve probably heard that the kitchen is the most important room to renovate if you’re planning to sell your home. While the kitchen is still king, an out of date bathroom could really put some buyers off. 

Updating basic features is a great way to improve the value of your property and make it more appealing for the next person who is considering moving in. Some simple updates could make a big difference in the overall appearance of your home and could result in your home being sold for more money. Even if you’re not planning to sell for a couple of years, go ahead with a bathroom renovation now so that you’re ready for when you do sell. You’ll also be able to enjoy it while you’re still living there, which is an added bonus.

You want to increase your energy efficiency

Improving energy efficiency is an increasingly important reason for a bathroom upgrade. If you live in an older home, it’s likely your bathroom was not built with energy efficiency in mind. Everything from your toilet to your heated towel rail has energy efficient options these days that can help you save money and the planet. 

The easiest way to improve the energy efficiency of a bathroom is to reduce water wastage. There are many accessories that are designed to do just that, such as high efficiency showerheads and low flow toilets. While there is an upfront cost for replacing them, they pay for themselves really quickly.

Lighting is another thing to consider and swapping out old inefficient bulbs in the bathroom for LEDs will cut electricity usage drastically.

You’re amazed by other people’s bathrooms, and disappointed by your own

Have you ever been visiting friends or family and used the bathroom, only to be impressed by newer technology like electronic sensor taps or App activated lighting? If so, it might be time to start looking into your bathroom renovation options. Checking out new bathroom technology can show you just what you’ve been missing. If you hate walking into your bathroom because of the older furniture, outdated lighting fixtures, or dislike the paint colour you chose a few years ago, a bathroom remodel can help your space reflect the current you. 

Either way, your bathroom should be a place of comfort and relaxation. It’s the one room in your house you’ll visit multiple times a day, and is likely to be the first room you see when you wake up and the last room you see before going to bed. It’s an important space in your home and worth investing in making it how you’d like it to be.

If you’d like some help planning your perfect bathroom, then our designers are here to help. Our experience and expertise will offer you plenty of simple ideas – as well as innovative ones – that you might not have even considered. We also have the latest knowledge of products, fixtures and fittings, and can source everything on your behalf as well as organising the installation using KSL’s team of installers. Please get in touch for a  non-committal quote.

The KBSA (Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association) has these guidelines for choosing your bathroom company:

  • Visit a company that has a showroom so you can inspect the quality of the product and the standard of installation.
  • Choose a retail member with a track record of good installations and ask to speak to some previous customers.
  • Be careful about paying in full for your bathroom in advance. You shouldn’t pay a deposit of more than 25% and as it’s likely that you’ll be asked to make an interim payment, ask for a written payment schedule.
  • Make sure you have a written quotation that covers every aspect of the job including fitting, flooring and any structural alterations you have discussed.
  • Don’t sign anything unless you are prepared to honour your side of the contract. Some terms and conditions have expensive cancellation clauses.
  • When using a KBSA retail member, don’t forget to keep your insurance certificate in a safe place and if you haven’t received it within a few weeks of paying your deposit, contact your retailer.