Novy Extraction Hoods and Hobs – A Breath of Fresh Air for 20/20

Novy Extraction Hoods and Hobs – A Breath of Fresh Air for 20/20
February 4, 2020 Richard Hibbert

At KSL we are always enhancing our kitchen offering to provide our customers with the newest technology. Our new partnership with Novy is one of the latest exciting additions to KSL’s kitchen partner suppliers.

Novy is a Belgian extraction specialist that has been making hoods since 1965, distinguishing themselves by making the quietest extractor hoods on the market. Novy also offers premium induction hobs and worktop extractors. Novy’s products are known for their remarkable quality, craftsmanship and innovation. Novy launched in the UK market at kbb Birmingham 2018 and has been building their brand together with premium kitchen retailers ever since.

Novy has developed the first noise-reduction system for cooker hoods and is the innovator of perimeter extraction – a technology that it has patented. The company also has a range of technologically advanced induction hobs, which include models that have built-in controls to automatically adjust the airflow of the hood installed above them. Novy really do live up to their philosophy of: design, ease of use, durability, and silence.

We are being asked more and more about high-quality extractors, cooker hoods and hobs by our customers.” says Richard Hibbert, KSL’s Managing Director. “The balance of design, performance, and noise level is key for this product. Novy brings something different to the table in terms of looks, efficiency and silence and we very much look forward to sharing Novy’s high quality products with KSL’s customers.”

Why we love Novy’s products:

Stylish, discreet design
Novy believe that kitchen equipment should not stand out nor be conspicuous; quite the opposite. Novy understands the power of subtlety and its designs are based on understated lines and an eye for detail. 

Innovative character
As part of Novy’s research and development process, Novy constantly monitors the latest trends in kitchens and lifestyles to pioneer and create innovative appliances that are silent, technologically sophisticated and suit the way people live.

Powerful performance
More than 50 years have passed since Novy pioneered and patented its peripheral extraction system; a technology that is now widely used by most extraction specialists.  By having a narrow gap between the base plate and the edges of the cooker hood, odours and cooking vapours are rapidly extracted. The position of the grease filter behind the base plate, made from several layers of aluminium with different densities, ensures the maximum possible absorption. 

Combining a powerful silent motor with this aerodynamic technology the result is a cooker hood that eliminates all the nuisance aspects in your kitchen: noise and odours.

Pure air
Thanks to Novy’s Pure 2.0 recirculation technology, Novy offers an effective solution that processes indoor cooking odours with a naturally coated filter that eliminates even the strongest odours from the kitchen.  

Novy at KSL
If you’d like to see a Novy extraction hood first hand then take a visit to the KSL showroom. We’re currently showcasing Novy’s ‘Mini PureLine’ built in canopy hood with its incredibly efficient odour extraction, variable LED lighting and extremely quiet motor.

For more information go to or give us a call on 01787 339023.