TOTO Bathroom Products – New at KSL for 20/20

TOTO Bathroom Products – New at KSL for 20/20
December 10, 2019 Richard Hibbert

TOTO is Japan’s leading producer of sanitaryware. Its technological innovations and high standard of quality have made it an iconic brand. We’ve been enhancing our bathroom offering to provide our customers with an ever-more sophisticated bathroom experience – our new partnership for 20/20 with TOTO is our latest exciting addition.

TOTO is a name that has been synonymous with the advancement of bathroom culture since its creation in 1917. It has very recently brought some of its much-loved bathroom products to the UK. Including their ‘Washlet’ which is a toilet with integrated bidet functionality featuring heated seats, a sensor-operated lid, warm-air drying and an air-purifying system that deodorises during use.

TOTO Washlet models have varying options including:

Deodoriser – A powerful filter system absorbs odours. Air purifier eliminates odours around the toilet keeping the area fresh during and after use.

PreMist – This function allows for the toilet bowl to be sprayed with water prior to use. The glazing used helps eliminate dirt and waste being attached the bowl with each flush.

Cleansing – The wand jet system technology that makes it possible to use water for intimate cleansing.   

Dryer – After cleansing the adjustable dryer dries quickly and reduces the need for toilet paper

Heated seats – With adjustable temperature, your seat will be warmed prior to sitting down. During extended periods. When not in use will automatically switch to power saving mode and reduce the temperature.

Sensor activated – Offering integrated, automatic sensor-activated functions. Including self opening and closing toilet lid, automatic air purifier and self activating flush.

Tornado flush – The flushing mechanism with two or three jets is different from ordinary toilets creating a whirlpool effect that thoroughly washed away dirt and waste like a tornado. It is also a very quiet and water saving flush.

Rimless bowl – The rimless ceramic toilet bowl helps ensure that dirt and bacteria do not collect in the crevices of the bowl.

Streamlined design –  Designed with space in mind, they project a super-slim profile, are narrower in width and, with their curved and angled lines respectively, seamlessly enhance any interior project.

All TOTO ceramic products have a special CeFiONtect glaze ensuring lasting shine. CeFiONtect guarantees the utmost hygiene – making it nearly impossible for waste and mould to accumulate. TOTO also offers rimless ceramic toilet bowls which help ensure that dirt and bacteria do not collect in the crevices of the bowl. TOTO is the only manufacturer in the UK market to produce all its products with this finish.   

TOTO also manufacture touch-free hand dryers which are very hygienic and easy to keep clean. They have a better environmental balance and considerably lower operating costs than paper towels.

In the New Year, we’ll be showcasing the TOTO SX, RW Washlet in our showroom and you’ll be able to see some of the features first hand. We promise that you will be impressed.

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