We Love Keuco’s Royal Modular 2.0 Mirror Cabinet!

We Love Keuco’s Royal Modular 2.0 Mirror Cabinet!
September 10, 2019 Richard Hibbert

When Keuco launched this new product earlier in the year we expected it to be a top seller, which is why we are one of the first in the UK to display it.

Keuco’s Royal Modular 2.0 mirror cabinet launched earlier in 2019 and includes some really innovative functional technology and an intelligent LED lighting concept. The real beauty of Keuco’s new modular cabinet range is that the bespoke elements enable you create the perfect storage space for your bathroom.

Suitable for any bathroom space

Offering flexible dimensions, inexhaustible variety and straightforward design the Royal Modular 2.0 mirror cabinet adapts to absolutely any bathroom size and every requirement. Depending on preference, almost all widths, heights and depths can be individualised.

Intelligent LED lighting

The mirror’s light is infinitely dimmable in colour and intensity. The high-performance LEDs provide shadow-free, glare-free and bright facial illumination. In the recessed version, the lighting is controlled via an inconspicuous lateral control element.

High spec interior fittings

The interior offers elegant smoked glass shelves in front of the glass rear wall. Hinged doors with softclose technology mirrored on both sides offer a generous all-round view. There is the option of a flexible cosmetic mirror and a magnetic strip for beauty aids which is highly practical. There is also the option for sockets and a double USB connection.

See it for yourself

KSL is one of the first showrooms in the UK to display the bespoke Royal Modular Mirror Cabinet. Like with everything, it’s always better when you see something for yourself, so please pop in for a visit. Here’s how to find us.