Bespoke design

Putting a creative stamp on your home

KSL kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms are all made to order, with opportunities to customise various elements. We combine expert design with our furniture makers to create individual schemes, that work for your home and reflect your taste and style.

Bespoke can be a one-off piece of furniture, but it can also include choosing a specific colour or creating units with bespoke measurements, with different handles and different finishes. We listen to what it is you need, and work with you to identify the best design solutions.

If you want to preserve or enhance unusual architectural features, or even create a few new ones yourself, specially commissioned bespoke designs can be created by our specialist team.

To learn more about our bespoke designs, pop into our showroom in Sudbury.

We have a beautifully designed and customised Stonehams kitchen built to fit our space. Talk to the team about how we could help you with your bespoke design requirements. Visit our Get in touch page here.